Summer Exhibition 2024 Schedule & Details

Jun 8, 2024

Skater Schedule

Last Updated: 18:26, 09/06/2024

Part 1

On Ice Warm Up (3 mins) - starting at 14:45

  • Alice R. & Indigo M. - Group - Unstoppable

  • Caterina M. - Solo Dance - Zombie

  • Isla B. - Solo Free - Orchestral Waltz

  • Jemima S. - Solo Free - Greatest Showman

  • Sophia H. - Solo Free - Halo

  • Jessica H. - Solo Free - Nutcracker

  • Tabitha S. - Solo Dance - Never Had a Friend Like Me

  • Team Paradox - Synchro

  • Martha B. - Solo Dance - Totoro, The Village In May

  • Nina H. & Monika O - Pairs Free - Do You Want To Build A Snowman

  • Kamila C. - Solo Dance - Somewhere Only We Know

  • Austeja B. - Solo Dance - Feeling Good

  • Aarya P. - Solo Free - Blackbird

  • Helen A. - Solo Dance - Enchanted

  • Bertie B. - Solo Dance - Pure Imagination

  • Kristi H. - Solo Dance - I’ve Never Been There

  • Tallulah B. - Solo Free - I Dreamed A Dream

  • Caitlin D. - Solo Dance - Canasta Tango Pattern Dance

  • Ross B. - Solo Free - Mii Channel Remix

  • Alison C. - Solo Free - Spirit in the Sky

  • Kati G. - Solo Dance - Give Us A Little Love

  • Annie B. - Solo Free - You're My World

  • Team Enigma - Synchro

Ice Resurfacing - 15 mins

Part 2

On Ice Warm Up (3 mins)

  • Fen W. - Solo Dance

  • Julia S. - Solo Free - Dandelions

  • Joy E. - Solo Free - Esperanza

  • Imogen F. - Solo Free - Rainbow Connection

  • Tegan F. - Solo Free - Dog Days Are Over

  • Robin C. - Solo Free - Showed Me

  • Caterina M. - Solo Free - Symphony

  • Isla B. - Solo Free - Orchestral Waltz

  • Monica G. - Solo Free - How Far I’ll Go

  • Eve G. - Solo Dance - Better When You’re Dancing

  • Anette L. - Solo Artistic - Can't Help Falling In Love

  • Claire R. - Solo Dance - Sans Toi

  • Emilie H. - Solo Free - The Theory Of Everything

  • Ivanka D. - Solo Free - Feel Good

  • Ruth W. - Solo Free - Ahsoka

  • Ania K. - Solo Free - Frida

  • Bertie B. - Solo Free - Crazy Train

  • Alice R. - Solo Free - Everybody Loves The Sunshine

  • Indigo M. - Solo Free

  • Hazel C. - Solo Free - Tango De Amor

  • Kristi H. - Solo Free - East of Eden

  • Helen A. - Solo Free - Voila

  • Tallulah B. - Solo Free - Summertime

Finale (All Skaters on ice)

Information for Skaters

Any changes to this Running Order in advance of the Exhibition will be reflected here. Skaters that have their slots changed significantly will be notified. Please double check the schedule on the day to ensure you know your slot.

In the event that a last minute change needs to be made during the Exhibition, an announcement on the PA system will be made.

When you see that the programme 3 slots before yours is starting, please make your way to the "Next Skater" Area (the hockey benches). A member of the Event Team will signal to you when it's time for you to head onto the ice. Position yourself in your starting pose as soon as possible. Once you are still, your music will be started for you. After your performance, please make your way to the exit door swiftly.

Information for Spectators

Entry Time
You are welcome to arrive earlier than the event start time to ease congestion in the Arena, but please ensure you've had your ticket checked first. We will be giving event spectators wristbands as tickets are checked.

Refrain from entering the ground-floor ice area to spectate
Please avoid gathering around the edge of the ice pad (on the ground floor) during the event. This is to keep the walkways around the ice as clear as possible for skaters/supervisors, rink and event staff, and our media teams to move around in the low-light safely.

Instead, please keep to the reception, café, and first floor of the rink as much as possible.

Be mindful of photo/video rights
Please don't capture media of skaters/individuals if you do not have their consent to do so, particularly if you intend to share them. Please also ensure than any flashes and ringtones are disabled, as these could be highly distracting to skaters.

Dress warmly!
Ice rinks are giant fridge/freezers! Despite the warm weather, you'll definitely want to bring some winter-wear or a blanket.

It's not too late to buy tickets! Head to our Club Shop to purchase them.