Cambridge Free Skating


What is Free Skating?

Free Skating is the discipline that most envisage when they think about figure skating.

Free Skating Programmes are a combination of spins, jumps, lifts (in pairs and synchro) and edgework/choreographic elements to music.

Free skaters can participate as singles, in pairs or a within a synchro team.


We host a variety of free skating workshops, both in partnership with our local coaches and with guest coaches.

Workshops are aimed at more confident skaters that would like to continue building on their skills. They also make a great opportunity to meet more local skaters!

Workshop frequency varies based on the ice time we're able to procure.

Exact dates and times can be found on our Club Calendar/the Latest News section. Please register to book onto our sessions.


The big events! With spotlights and cameras, these are the main opportunities the Club hosts for skaters to showcase their hard work in a fun, friendly, non-competitive environment. Members of the public are invited to watch too!

We hosted our first Summer Exhibition in July 2023, and have been doing so ever since.

Check out our News page and social media accounts for announcements of our next exhibition event. Club Members can register their their participation via the Club Calendar.